From Hero to Hero

Alright, it’s around 10PM on a rainy Thursday night that I sat in my dark office room surrounded by 4 screens and typing on my keyboard my first blog post article.

While I know what I want to do with this website, I don’t know where to start writing about my experience. Should I start with SEO or SEM? Should I give you tips on digital journey or what I have learned from proper website tagging? Too many to choose from and if you know me you would know I don’t like too many options. So let’s start with the basics, who am I and what do I?

Bemoi, hello, nice to meet you, it’s pronounced Bem-wa if you’re trying to do weird shapes with your mouth trying to say it. Born in Cairo, Egypt and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2016, where I’m writing to you from. Funny how this now started to feel like one of those old pen pal letters.

Before I talk about my professional career, I want to write a bit on what lead to my growth. I think about it everyday and I feel grateful for having the opportunity for such good experiences. Starting with MEJ (Mouvement Echaristic Des Jeunes), a school social activity that enabled my first role as a leader and taught me the very principals I live and breath everyday. MEJ was focused on teaching the young kids how to be good citizens through plenty of social activities.

Then we have the Boy Scouts that taught me courage, discipline and most important of all leadership. Starting from a young skinny boy scout who can climb trees and jump over 6 chairs to the Leader of the Boy Scouts and Guides Branch in Wadi El Nil Scouts group, I learned how to become a leader that’s most pleasure in life is to help others and to seek the good to the all.

Here’s a song that I like that reminds me of always being good to others:

I like digital media and it’s the cornerstone of my life right now, I like it because I can control it, I like because I can improve it and I like it because I know it like the back of my hand. I don’t know about you but I’m one of those who has to know everything about what they do, every little thing. It’s really annoying and I don’t have that much time to learn, but I like to know as much as I can. I like to engage in any kind of conversations at work and I know how can I help them. Data is my flows in my blood, just rows of data that makes sense. What people are doing, how they are buying, visiting, clicking, filling, interacting, watching, listening, scrolling and the feelings of happiness, anxiety, sadness, joy that lies behind those actions. I learned that without data there’s no real reason for us having a job, and if I don’t understand data I don’t understand my industry.

Ok, stopping here, will continue tomorrow. This was fun, thanks for listening! -Well, reading..

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